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Cleaning Your Phone During COVID-19 - What to Know

May 27, 2020 3 min read

On a regular day, our phones are basically Petri dishes that carry a whole family of dirt and bacteria, which causes common sicknesses and even bad skin when answering calls. Knowing that our phone touchscreens are already extremely filthy during normal times, one can only imagine how dirty they can be during a pandemic.

During virus outbreaks, it is inevitable that we will come into some form of contact with whatever is spreading, which is why it is important to wash our hands and sanitize our belongings. COVID-19 has proven to be extremely deadly, claiming the lives of thousands all over the world and affecting many more. With this, here is why we need to be extremely vigilant and continue to sanitize our belongings, starting with our smartphones:

Our Phones are Always In Use, Especially Smartphones

If you are an avid smartphone user, you will most likely be on your device multiple hours a day, and even more so now with the pandemic situation as there is more idle time daily. Our mobile devices offer endless entertainment and usage possibilities, plus the touchscreen display makes usage much easier and ergonomic for longer periods of time.

With our increased use of our phones, there will naturally be an increase in bacteria on the touchscreen’s surface due to our fingers always touching other things and surfaces. This causes these organisms to spread quickly and can get you ill if left dirty.

What Do We Need In Order to Clean Our Phones?

The usual answer to what is needed in order to clean our smartphones would be disinfectant wipes. However, each maker of devices and cases should have care instructions and information on their website, so it is best to check before using certain products. An example would be Apple releasing guidelines on cleaning for their products, which are as follows:


  • Use soft, lint-free cloths
  • Avoid excessive and harsh wiping
  • Unplug the device from all power sources and cables
  • Keep liquids away from devices to avoid accidental spills
  • Keep openings moisture-free
  • Do not use aerosol sprays, abrasive cleaners or bleach
  • Do not spray cleaners directly on to the device


Additionally, Apple recommends standard isopropyl alcohol wipes or Clorox disinfecting wipes to wipe down most surfaces, as long as they are nonporous.

Additionally, you may purchase an LED UV Sanitiser that works by using technology to rid surfaces like your touchscreen of bacteria. The best part is, it is not limited to phones! You can stick keys, utensils, and small items inside to disinfect quickly before use. This modern rendition of the UV lamp is non-toxic and is completely safe for home use.

How Often Should Phones Be Cleaned?

In times like this, it would pay to always be cleaning your phone, especially if you are often outdoors and away from the house. If someone around you has symptoms of the virus or has touched your phone, it is best to clean it as soon as possible.

Microdroplets of the virus can be very dangerous, which is why it would be advisable to not only clean your hands but also sanitize surfaces and cases.

This is why it may also be a good idea to invest in LED UV Sanitizers to rid daily objects of bacteria without much effort or contamination.

The COVID-19 times are very trying times, and the uncertainty is surely unsettling to most. This is why it is important to sanitize our homes and devices. It pays to have great products that you can count on and are easy to clean.

Our phone cases here at Kase are available for multiple models and can withstand cleaning, as well as our best selling LED UV sanitiser that can wipe your devices from all the microorganisms living on its surface. Check out our collection to see the wide array of products we offer.