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November 08, 2019 3 min read

Are you considering upgrading your iPhone X to a iPhone 11 pro? It might not be such a bad idea. If you are the type of person who likes the newest and the best features on their mobile device, the iPhone 11 Pro has some significant advantages over the iPhone X. But the question is; is the improvement worth the money? Lets break it down;


The camera

iPhone 11 Pro Camera

To address the most visible difference first, the triple camera on the 11 pro. Although in quality you probably won't experience any real differences because of this extra camera, it does allow you to use the ultra wide setting. This helps you capture landscapes and tall buildings in one shot. So if you were expecting major improvements in camera quality, this upgrade might not what you wanted. Although, if you are a photographer that is using his phone as an alternative camera, you will notice some improvements with little lighting and if you look well enough, some improvement in detail.


The ram of the iPhone 11 pro is bigger than that of the iPhone X but unfortunately, this is not very noticeably in the everyday use. You might notice that some apps start up slightly quicker but this is often just a matter of a second. This might change as the apps will be optimised for the new model but even then, the change will remain mostly insignificant. This change in ram and the slightly newer A13 processor (versus the A10 in the iPhone X) will probably affect the durability of the phone over the years as this processor is the fastest of all the processors in mobile phones today. If you are a gamer, this rather small difference in speed and performance might become a relevant issue if you want to enjoy the smoothest gameplay with high graphics.


The Battery

iPhone 11 Pro Battery

Maybe the biggest advantage of the new iPhone 11 pro might be the battery lifespan. It is about time that apple put some serious effort in the improvement of their battery lifespan and durability. Other brands of mobile phones have recently managed to seriously overtake the battery performance of the apple devises. Until now, apple is attempting a comeback. Although we don't yet know how the iPhone 11 pro's battery will hold up against the wear and tear of everyday use over the span of a few years but for now, the battery seems to hold up significantly better than the iPhone X. This will give you an approximate hour of extra battery time. Combine this with the 18watt fast charger (versus the 5Watt charger of the iPhone X) that comes with it in the box. This charger will fuel your phone up to 55 percent in about 30 minutes, the charger that you get with the iPhone X charges a lot slower. Check this out on improving your iPhone battery.

The Design

If it weren't for the extra camera, you probably wouldn't quickly notice the difference between the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone X. That is as long as you don't compare the iPhone X to one of the new colours the iPhone 11 Pro is available in (Gold and Midnight Green). If you watch with an observant eye, you can see that the glossy look of the iPhone X has made place for a more dimmed look on the 11 Pro. For those of you who have a habit of testing wether gravity still works by letting your phone take a dive to the floor, the iPhone 11 Pro is said to have the strongest glass to have ever been used in a smartphone. However, Some fanatics have tried this out and found that if you drop the device on concrete, it still shatters both the back and front of the glass.


So if you decide to spend your money on an upgrade to the 11 Pro, you might still consider buying a phone case. If you don't want to spoil the looks of your brand new iPhone, make sure to check out the cases here; www.kase.com. You can buy a minimalistic iPhone 11 Pro case that is stylish and hardly noticeable to show of that new iPhone 11 pro.