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LED UV Phone Sanitiser - Go Clean

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Our high-efficiency two-in-one sanitizer and wireless charger, UV Led Sanitiser destroy over 99.9% of germs in just Three Minutes. Proprietary design with six Mercury-Free UV lamps inside without any Toxic Fumes. We care about you as well as your health, knowing your beloved Phone is safe from germs. Trust the only Toxic Free Product in the market. 

Disinfect Germs in Just 3 Minutes

Our high-efficiency two-in-one sanitizer and wireless charger,  UV Led Sanitizer destroy over 99.9% of germs in just Three Minutes with Internal Reflection technology. 

Note: We do not currently have a way to test its effectiveness against COVID-19 yet.

Protects You and Your Belonging

Yes, your phone is way more dirty than bathroom. We touch our phones over thousand times day, bacteria and germs get around. 

Our Proprietary design with six Mercury-Free UVC LED inside without any Toxic Fumes. Trust the only Toxic Free Product in the market. 

How To Use?

1. Connect USB cable to product type-C interface.

2. Sterilisation: Place your device flat into the box so it can close securely. Close the lid and press the UV button (Right). The circular indicator light (not a bue dot indicator) flashes for 3 minutes until sterilization is complete.

3. Wireless Charging: Put the wireless supporting devices inside the sanitiser. Close the lid and press the Wireless Charge button (Left). The blue dot light will be on to indicate that the wireless charging is activated. The phone screen must face up.

Wireless Charging

Our UV phone sanitizer are portable, easily to carry around with, and serves as two-in-one sanitizer and wireless charger. We're making it easier than ever to keep your phone safe from germs. 


Model = Wireless UV sanitizer box
Feature = UV Sanitizing 5W Wireless charge
Material = ABS
Power input = 5V/2A
Size = 220 x124 x50mm
Interior Size = 203 x 106 x 31mm
No. of bulbs = 6 x 6~8mw
UV wavelength = 270-280nm
UV life = 10000 hours
Sanitizing time = 3 mins
Type-C Cable = 1.5M


How does the UV Sanitizer work?

Our sanitizer emits UV-C, which kills viruses and bateria by destroying their DNA within minutes, leaving your device clean and sterile.

How long does it take to sanitize my phone?

Our UV Sanitizer runs a 3 minute cycle.

Does it clean both sides of my phone?

Yes! Our UV Sanitizer has a raised base and reflective surfaces which ensure UV-C light to penetrate all sides of your phone, you do not need to flip your phone over for another cycle.

Can it Charge and Sanitize at the same time?

Absolutely, simply place your phone on the wireless charging station inside the Sanitizer and press both buttons.