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iPhone 13 Mini Glass Screen Protector (Curve Edge)

Protect your new iPhone 13 Mini with strengthened glass that fits seamlessly along the curved edge of your screen. Ultra-thin and made of Japan’s ASAHI AGC glass, Curve Edge Screen Protector delivers a smooth glide and tactile experience you expect from your phone’s screen.


Difference of RADEN

Made from Japan’s AGC premium tempered glass and engineered for strength.

Protector Of The Screens

Super strong tempered glass screen protectors will keep your screen clear as day and prevents surface-level scratches and scuffs, while minimizing the damage from drops and impacts.

Case Friendly

Pairs perfectly with Go Original Cases, giving you a complete protection package.


What is our screen protector made of?

Our screen protector is made of Japan’s ASAHI AGC glass.

Will it works with cases?

Yes! Our screen protectors are designed to pair most of the cases in the market.

Thickness of our screen protector?

Ultra thin with just 0.3mm.

Will screen protector affect the clarity of iPhone?

Absolutely not!