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  • November 26, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

    This quick and easy tempered glass screen protector installation guide will ensure your device is safe from harm.

    If you've decided to purchase a tempered glass screen protector for your iPhone, congratulations -- you're about to benefityourself in a number of ways.Tempered glass provides more protection than plastic does, it's smoother on your fingers, it won't scratch as easily, and there are no screen bubbles. Here's a step-by-step guide that will show you how to install your new tempered glass screen protector: 


    Open the package that the screen protector came in. Set everything up on a clean, uncluttered table. You should have an alcohol wipe and a microfiber cloth in addition to the glass protector. Turn off your iPhone before you start.

    Clean Your Screen

    This is a very important step. If you don't do it, your screen protector will catch all the dirt and dust on your phone screen. Use the alcohol wipe to clean your screen really well. Then use the microfiber cloth to give it one more polish. 

    Be Still

    Remove the glass protector from its packaging. There is a thin layer of plastic on one side to protect it; peel this off to reveal the adhesive surface.Hold it by the edges so that you don’t leave any fingerprints and then align it with your iPhone screen (adhesive side down).


    Make sure the glass is level with the display screen. The bottom of the glass should be even with the front speaker, and it should run alongside the length of your screen.

    Bubble Free

    When you have properly aligned the glass protector, carefully lay it down on the screen. If you make a mistake and the glass looks off-kilter, you can gently lift it up and realign it. Then, once the protector is on the screen, give it a soft press in the center to help it stick to the screen. 

    Final step

    If there are any bubbles remaining on the screen protector, use the cloth to gently push them towards the edges. Now your iPhone screen is protected and you're ready to get back to your carefree lifestyle.